Vicky Polzien

Detailed Biography

My name is Vickie Polzien and I am the current Vice President of the Lighthouse Lodge Project. I came to Carson City in the summer of 2018 having lived in Phoenix Arizona for 15 years before relocating to Nevada. I was born and raised in Southern California. I have retired twice and am continuing to work as I find that I am not quite ready to retire. I worked in purchasing and procurement for many years in California and then in Medical Billing in Arizona. I currently work in the back office at Sierra Acupuncture in Carson City. I have two daughters and six grandchildren that live in California. I enjoy reading, crafting, and trying to grow plants in my small backyard. 

I met Diane Rea in 2019 while working Session at the Nevada State Legislature. She told me about how she was attempting to start up a program for ex-offenders, and women, to help them get back on their feet after being released from incarceration. I know that Carson City has no program like this now and felt that it was a worthwhile enterprise so I joined the board first as the Treasurer and became Vice President in 2022. 

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